5 Sings It’s Time For Divorce

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Deciding on divorce can be difficult, especially if the marriage has lasted for a long time. But sometimes this is the only way out of a crisis relationship.

But how to understand that everything is really finished and there is no chance to improve the situation? How to know if you should divorce? Below is a list of the main problems that suggest that the marriage is irretrievably broken. Carefully read the list and compare it with your marriage.

1. Adultery

Time for Divorce

If you have a lover for a long time or if your spouse is cheating you, this is a very disturbing symptom. What we talk about is not an intrigue on the side or a single act, meaning that cheating is systematic and a spouse who cheats is not going to stop.

This suggests that the one who gets some action on the side is obviously missing something in your relationship and is trying to satisfy this need with someone else.

Adultery is always a bad sign for both spouses and destroys the marriage, even if the partner who is being cheated does not know about betrayal yet.

In many states, adultery is considered as a legal ground for ending a marriage. So if you ask yourself when it’s time for divorce, be sure the time has already come.


2. Abuse Or Irreconcilable Anger

If you are a victim of physical, mental or sexual abuse from a spouse, then you need to run away from this person as soon as possible! This behavior is unforgivable under any circumstances! People are not things and not somebody’s property; each human is a person who has his rights and deserves respect for his boundaries.

No one has the right to be violent towards another person, this is taboo. Such actions are a direct threat to the life of the victim.

Moreover, if there are children in the family, they should be protected from the tyrant parent so that they will not be subjected to violence from his side. And if you asking yourself in this case “should I get a divorce?” The answer is definitely yes!

If you have noticed that you are constantly angry with your spouse, this is also a signal that not everything is in order in a relationship. If you experience this feeling all the time, then sooner or later it will grow into physical abuse. So it is better to prevent than to regret what you have done.

3. Too Much Negative Interactions

Many believe that serious conflicts destroy marriage. But the danger lies in the trivia. Perhaps you and your spouse do not have big differences, but if there are too many negative interactions between you, even on not serious issues, this is a reason to reflect on the relationship.

Psychologists say that a happy marriage should be based on positive interactions, in other words, at least five positive interactions should fall into one negative interaction.

When there is much more negative and it lasts for years, there is a chance to reach the point of no return without the ability to improve marriage union.

4. You Do Not Want To Be Close To Your Spouse

You began to delay at work, spend more time with friends or somewhere outside the home just not to intersect with your spouse. You feel uncomfortable with this person; his or her society oppresses you.

This is a clear sign that relationships are crumbling with great force. Maybe you both just became too different, you have diverse goals and desires.

This is normal, it happens in life because different circumstances may affect the couple and its future together, but there is no need to torture each other by being in an annoying marriage. Couples who faced this situation simply separated and went ahead with convenient to each partner road.


5. You Live Like Roommates

For a long time, you behave like neighbors. There are no more tenderness and passion in your relationship.

You can even sleep in different bedrooms, and there are no sexual contacts between you for a long time, for various reasons: maybe you just don’t want it or due to some medical problems. By the way, in some states impotence is a legal reason for divorce.

But in any case, the lack of closeness speaks about psychological problems as well; you no longer want to touch your partner, you are not worried about where he is and what is happening to him. All this indicates that you have become strangers to each other.

What To Do?

If at least half of the above points are in your relationship, then this is clear evidence of serious marriage problems and bright signs it’s time for divorce.

Of course, there is always a belief that everything will work out, but the problems are too serious to be solved one day in a magical way. You will have to work on them long and hard without any guarantees to get a result.

Therefore, a divorce is not such a bad idea, many spouses have significantly improved the level of their lives after termination. And if the question became acute, then the best solution would be to get an uncontested divorce without any dramas, tantrums or lengthy legal proceedings.

Most likely your marriage was far from the best, but this is not a reason take everything out on your partner during a divorce. Just thank him for all the good things that happened between you and make a peaceful dissolution.


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