Brawl Stars Tips: How can I increase the Chance of Taking a Legendary Character

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Brawl Stars How can I increase the chance of getting a legendary brawler? We’re talking about this today, FalconFeed.

In Brawl Stars, players can unlock loot boxes in order to get new brawlers (playable characters). These brawlers have different rarities attached to them, including Super Rare, Mythic, and the highest tier, which is Legendary. Because of bragging rights and because they like the look of the characters’ stats and abilities, every Brawl Stars player wants to get their hands on the Legendary brawlers: Leon, Crow, and Spike.

But is there a better way to get Legendary brawlers than just unlocking a whole bunch of Big Boxes? And can players increase their chances of getting a Legendary? Read this guide to find out the answer.

The best way to increase your chances of getting a Legendary Brawler

The best way that Brawl Stars gamers can boom their hazard of having a legendary brawler is clearly to Unlock extra brawlers. in the facts container for loot containers for the sport, it explains that your threat of having other sorts of brawlers will increase once you’ve gotten all the brawlers of a distinctive rarity. for examplein case you unlock all the rare brawlers then the probability of having a splendid rare, Mythic, or legendary brawler will increase as nicely.
Brawl Stars Mega Box Info
As a result, the easiest way to “game” this system and increase your chance of getting a legendary is to make sure that you’ve collected brawlers of a certain type. You could go to the store to keep buying specific brawlers of the rarity that you need or unlock more loot boxes, either ones that you’ve purchased or those that you’ve unlocked by progressing through Trophy Road.

How does the Chance System increase your Chance of Getting Legendary Brawler?

Unlocking more brawlers is the only thing that players can do to increase their chances of a legendary – but it’s not the only factor that affects your chances. The information box displayed on Brawl Stars loot boxes also details something called the luck system.

In step with the facts box, with the luck systemyou are much more likely to get a new brawler for every box you open that doesn’t consist of a new brawler. The data boxes do display the chance you’ve got of having each type of brawler and whilst you open a loot container that doesn’t encompass a new brawler, the chance of you getting a brand new brawler on the nextpull (across all rarities) will boom.
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